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Introduction to Natural Skincare

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Saturday 27th of October 2018

10am - 4pm

Introduction to Natural Skincare


This workshop is designed to introduce the beginner to making their own skincare using natural, organic ingredients. You will make a luxurious cream, suitable for face and/or body and fabulous body butter. Additionally, you will make a cooling foot gel and soothing anti-ageing facial oil. You will bring all of these products home. We also give you a manual so that you can make more skincare products for family and friends. All products can be adapted to your personal requirements with the addition of essential oils and speciality vegetable oils. The workshop will cover the theory of the emulsifying process and information on skincare and skin problems.

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to butters, oils & emulsifiers
  • Skin types & product application/absorption.
  • Measuring ingredients, testing PH and theory of emulsification.
  • Essential oils and vegetable oils for skin.
  • Practical making of products.
  • Safety and sensitive skin.