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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, extracted from plants to help maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The aim of aromatherapy is to promote homeostasis or balance in the body by helping to detoxify, create calmness by reducing stress response or invigorating energy. Aromatherapy helps the body to balance itself in a subtle way.

Essential oils can affect the body chemistry and systems by entering the blood stream and interacting with hormones and enzymes to produce a therapeutic effect.




aromatherapyThe olfactory (smelling) system is linked to the limbic system in the brain which controls emotions and mood. Different scents evoke memories and responses. We tend to be drawn to some essential oils and not others and this response is entirely individual. Aromatherapy can benefit mood and provide an uplifting, energising or relaxing and calming response.

Some Essential oils can be contra-indicated in certain medical conditions and in pregnancy.  A full medical history is taken prior to creating a blend for the client.




Aromatherapy Consultation:

  • Full consultation and medical history
  • Analysis of your treatment requirements
  • ‘Essential oil experience’ – An introduction to the beautiful fragrances and therapeutic properties of essential oils
  • Advice on a variety of essential oil carriers; body oils, moisturising creams and butters
  • Creation of a personalised therapeutic blend in a base of your choice, unique to you


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Come and learn about aromatherapy and how to create your own blends at home.
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