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Educational Talks

Intú Health can provide seminars and educational talks for groups to promote health and wellbeing in all age groups.  Pregnancy, New parents, schools, active retirement, men’s groups and senior citizens are some of those we cater for.

We will tailor our talks to suit each group and answer questions.

If your group has a specific health subject that you would like us to address, we can discuss your requirements. We believe in an interactive learning environment which presents the material in a practical way.



PregnancyExpecting a baby is a wonderful time and concerns about eating the right foods is natural. The developing baby needs a wide range of nutrients for growth and the ground work for future health and wellbeing begins in the womb. Mum-to -be also needs to look after herself and eat well to avoid fatigue or other symptoms. Morning sickness can affect appetite and lead to tiredness. A growing bump can cause heartburn or feelings of fullness and eating nutrient dense food in smaller quantities more often can help maintain balanced blood sugar levels. This will also help to avoid snacking on empty calorific food which leads to unnecessary weight gain and other issues such as raised blood pressure.

We will talk to expectant mums and those planning pregnancy about nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.



ChildrenEducating children about healthy food choices and ensuring that they have good nutrition for healthy growth and development is sometimes challenging. Growth is rapid during the early years and it is important to eat foods which support the immune system, build healthy bones and teeth and feed the brain for learning. Good food choices also affect behaviour, mood and sleep. In a world of fast food and busy lifestyles, preparing food can often be an extra burden and this can lead to unhealthy, high fat/sugar/calorie choices. Children often lead a more sedentary lifestyle and this makes them more succeptible to weight gain. Healthy choices made early in life help to set the foundations and involving children in preparing food helps them to understand the relationship between good health and food.



Senior Citizens & Active Retirement Groups

Senior Citizens & Active Retirement GroupsAgeing healthily is important to maintain independence, vitality and wellbeing. Digestive problems can manifest as we age and nutritional support can help to alleviate these naturally rather than using medication. Making good food choices which can help to offset health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease is really important. Maintaining muscle mass, bone density and brain function are all affected by diet and lifestyle. Life changes such as retirement or bereavement may impact eating habits which affects health. Let us talk to your group about nutrition and lifestyle and share ideas for a healthy retirement.



Mens Groups

Men may neglect their health and sometimes warning signs of poor health can be ignored. We aim to provide information about health and positive eating choices for men’s groups. Business lunches, lack of time and/or cooking skills, eating on the run and high stress levels can contribute to a progressive road to ill health and disease. Nutrition affects heart health, fertility, libido and mental health. It can be difficult to discuss health worries. We talk about the benefits of a good diet and also about mental health and wellbeing.




Women’s Groups

Women can find themselves multi-tasking and looking after everybody. They may be balancing career and family or looking after elderly parents. Although women are often more aware of their health, stress can affect hormone balance which affects other systems in the body. It can be difficult to find time for relaxation and self-care. Women experience several hormonal shifts during their lifetimes and  the effects of this can be debilitating if not managed correctly. Nutrition and lifestyle advice can help women to manage transitions which affect mental health, mood, skin and wellbeing.