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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic TestingDiagnostic testing is useful to pinpoint possible causes of of poor health. Testing can investigate several areas of possible dysfunction. How well food is digested, or absorbed. If there is an imbalance of gut flora (bacteria) and the effect that prolonged stress may be having on the body. There may be hormonal imbalances which can impact on digestion or other body systems. Using functional testing may help to identify specific areas of concern and facilitate the design of an individual nutrition plan to support the client. (The tests are carried out at home in private by you and are non-invasive).

Our tests are analysed by laboratories in the UK and US.

Some of the Testing Available:

  • GI effects – Comprehensive Profile
    • Analysis of the various types of bacteria in your digestive system plus yeast and fungi. This test also indicates the presence of digestive inflammation and how well foods are absorbed.
  • Comprehensive Digestive Analysis
    • This test gives an analysis of your digestion, absorption, gut flora and the colonic environment. It can evaluate the presence of parasites and differentiate the risk of inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Useful for all GI problems.
  • Optimal Nutritional Evaluation Test
    • Is your diet providing all the nutrients you require? Each person has different requirements which change at each life stage. This test assesses your individual requirement for vitamins & minerals. Nutritional deficiencies, anti-oxidant reserves and the level of cell oxidation are also measured.
  • Allergy Testing
    • There is much discussion about allergy testing and ‘true allergy’ which can be a life threatening condition versus ‘food intolerance’ which may be less serious but can produce very uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, constipation and stomach pains A full consultation is essential before any testing is recommended as there may be other factors to consider. We have several tests available to assess reaction to foods, inhalants, spices and additives if required.
  • Complete Women’s Hormone Profile
    • Hormonal imbalance may affect health and fertility and may have several underlying causes. This is a comprehensive test for female hormones and how they are metabolised. A menopause profile with nutritional support and advice is also available to help women during this adjustment period.
  • Complete Men’s Hormone Profile
    • This test provides insight into several concerns such as cardiovascular disease, reduced libido and muscle mass. It also assesses diminished cognition, fatigue, and low mood.
  • Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis
    • This test analyses energy production, gastrointestinal function and neurotransmitter processing which affects the nervous system, emotional well-being and cognitive function.
  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile
    • This test profiles your stress response which is important in anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Prolonged stimulation of the stress response can wear the body down, lower immune response and trigger exhaustion.
  • Thyroid Profile
    • The thyroid gland affects many body functions and metabolism. It is possible to have sub-clinical thyroid issues which affect our health and changes in diet with supplementation if necessary may help to restore balance.

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