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Dietary Analysis

dietary analysisDo you feel that you are not sure about what to eat or wonder if your diet is nutritious enough ?. It is difficult to ensure that we have a balanced diet and there is so much information about ‘superfoods’ and new claims about what is good for us (or not), that we can become confused about what to eat.  Variety and moderation is key in choosing a good diet.  Extreme diets and exclusion of particular types of foods such as carbohydrates is really not healthy in the long-term. There is no ‘miracle’ food which will reverse ageing and make us super healthy. It really is about good quality, unprocessed foods, cooked in a healthy way, from all groups to ensure adequate intake of nutrients.



dietary analysisA food diary analysis using specifically designed software is provided for each client to identify detailed information about macro and micro nutrient intake and possible deficiencies.  A detailed plan is designed with the client to address any issues.

We will ask you to keep a food diary for 4 days, including everything you eat and drink. We will analyse this and provide you with a report which details all nutrients. This gives a ‘snapshot’ of your nutrition and may indicate areas to improve or adjust. Sugar and salt can be hidden in many foods and contribute to weight gain or cardiovascular disease. Looking at the diet in this way can help us to make small changes which may impact positively on our health.


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