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Personal Nutrition

Personal Nutrition

We know that a healthy balanced diet, including nutrient rich, fresh, unprocessed food is essential for good health. However, if we experience problems with digestion and absorption, have other health problems or we are stressed, this will affect how the body utilizes the food we eat. If our gut (digestive tract) is not functioning well, due to bacterial imbalance, inflammation, food intolerance or insufficient digestive enzymes & poor digestion, We can experience uncomfortable symptoms. Small changes can often make a big difference to how we feel and these are discussed with the client in a caring and relaxed non-judgemental environment.

Symptoms of sub-optimal health often manifest in the digestive system. Inefficient gut health and an unbalanced diet can lead to a variety of symptoms such as skin issues, pain and inflammation, digestive problems and mood disorders. These symptoms can be further increased by lifestyle choices, stress and genetics. Using a functional medicine approach produces a complete picture rather than focusing on a particular symptom. This enables us to address health concerns from several perspectives to suit the client.

Nutrition Therapy Consultation:

  • Full consultation and medical history
  • Dietary analysis report
  • An Individual, client-led nutrition plan
  • Recommendations based on natural food choices
  • A plan which adapts and changes to suit the client
  • Assessment of your health using a functional approach
  • Diagnostic testing and supplement advice if required


“Intú Health run practical nutrition workshops where you can learn how to create nutritious meals which are easy to prepare and support your health”

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