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Organic Skincare

Intú Health produces a range of Organic skincare and essential oils, designed to deliver high quality, naturally therapeutic ingredients without chemicals.  We source our ingredients from ethical producers, who are Soil Association approved.

Our range of natural skincare is made from high quality, ethically sourced ingredients.  We offer body butters and creams, oil blends and essential oils to promote healthy skin.  The products are SLS and paraben free which helps to reduce stress on the body.  The therapeutic effect of Organic essential oils and  carrier oils, creams and lotions are formulated to provide skincare which cares for health and wellbeing.


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Your skin is an organ which protects your body from invading microbes, regulates temperature and gives you the sense of touch. Skin is also a detoxifying organ and it deserves to be treated with quality skincare which is nourishing, keeps it soft, moisturised and looking great !. As the products we use on our skin may be absorbed into the bloodstream and travel around the body, Intú Health believes that it is important to use ingredients which help to maintain great skin but do not place a burden on the body.

The ingredients used in our skincare range are ethically sourced from responsible producers. Our skincare products contain anti-oxidants which prevent damage and ageing from free radicals in the atmosphere. We aim to nourish and protect your skin from the outside with quality skincare and from the inside with good nutrition.

Skincare Workshops


Intú Health run workshops teaching you how to make your own skincare. You can learn to make body oils, moisturisers and butters, lip balms and other products from an exciting range of ingredients. You can also blend essential oils with our range of base products and speciality oils for your personal requirements.

At our classes, we provide all of the equipment and ingredients on site so that you can make several products to take home. We also give you a copy of the recipes and an instruction manual and take home. We sell kits  so that you can experiment and make more products in your own time at home. We incorporate theory with practical work, giving you a comprehensive understanding about skincare ingredients. This will empower you to look more closely at products you buy for your family so that you can make informed choices.

You can be as creative as you like, with a wide aray of beautiful Organic vegetable oils and essential oils to make your own ‘bespoke’ skincare. Your imagination and personal touch can inspire you to make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Add your personalised labels and gift wrapping to make something truly unique and special.

“Come and learn about skincare and how to create your own products at home.
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